Helping others

Peer support is an important and valuable tool to support people living with HIV.

But talking about some topics such as mental health, sexual wellbeing or addiction can be harder than others.

Are you looking for support to help you talk about challenging topics during your peer support session? If so, take a look at the videos below to help you, help others live well with HIV.


If you are a peer mentor working within HIV, broader health and wellbeing is likely to be a big part of the conversations you have with your mentees. And those conversations may not always be straightforward.
Peer mentor starter pack
The Find Your Four peer mentor support pack has been developed to provide you with some guidance on how you can use the Find Your Four website and materials within your peer mentoring session. The pack also includes some ideas for activities you can complete with your mentees to help them to start thinking about their broader health and wellbeing focus areas.


For guidance on talking about challenging topics with your mentees, explore the Find Your Four peer support video series.
This series features peer mentors, advocates and healthcare professionals sharing valuable guidance on how you can navigate topics like sexual wellbeing, mental and physical health.
The power of peer support
Positive conversations with the healthcare team
Focus on: A healthy mind
Focus on: Stress and anxiety
Focus on: Sleep problems
Focus on: Low mood and depression
Focus on: Managing addictive behaviours
Focus on: Managing sexual health and wellbeing
Focus on: Managing wider health